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Release 0.4

Current Work Current the add-on hasn’t changed much from the last blog post.  I was advised to change Thimble’s code so I can post data to it.  To do that I was told that I will have to add a get route to Thimble’s existing routes.  I have […]

Work on next release

Current Work Right now I am trying to figure out a way to add the current extension to the Web Developer panel in Firefox as a button and not a complete panel (picture below).  This will be a button because I want it to just take the DOM […]

Release 0.3

Current Status The current status of the project has not changed much from the last post.   The conversion of the add-on to use the SDK is coming along and I was able to collect the DOM and updates to the DOM through the add-on.  Currently I am looking […]

Work on Release 0.3

Current State So since the earlier release, I’ve been working on switching the code over to use the Firefox add-on SDK.  The SDK will offer better and make it easier to implement functionality and the add-on will still be restart-less so that condition is still met. So far […]

Release 0.2

So continuing to work on the extension, I needed to use some from the add-on SDK built in to Firefox.  After a lot of research I figured out how to load that module of the SDK and use it to interact with the browser and get the DOM […]

Continued work on Release 0.2

Trying to login through Persona Persona is an easy way to login to a websites without a password.  Webmaker uses the persona login system to track the users activity on the website.  Trying to login through the persona system through a Firefox add-on has been more difficult than […]

Work on Release 0.2

Working with the extension template from the previous post a lot of things needed to be changed for it to be somewhat official.  The template itself was very well made and had good comments, but since I had never worked with Firefox extension development before, I had to […]

Release 0.1

This release mostly involves setup and understanding of the Firefox extension creation.  I used the template  of development tool add-on that’s provided by Victor Porof. Getting the System Setup I am using a virtual machine (VM) as a development environment for the project.  The VM contains Lubuntu, a […]