5 tools to begin with ExpressJS in production

As I get more and more experience with NodeJs and ExpressJs, I find myself looking at production settings and best practices more and more.


Rotation Bug for PDF.js

So I have been working this bug. Basically the problem was that pdf.js did not remember the page rotation of the PDF. This was somewhat more involved than my previous two bugs. I was still working the web directory, but now I needed to figure out what code […]

Working on PDF.js

So last week I started working on a bug for PDF.js. I spoke to the developers of the library, on IRC, and they advised me to concentrate on a different bug because this particular one was an edge case and not easily implemented. So they asked me to […]

Moving on to something new. First Step PDF.js

So XMP part of the image embedding library did not work after several attempts with several different technologies by several different people. Now that project is abandoned for a newer technology that will be used later on. That technology will not be available for now so now I […]


So I started looking into the Java version of the XMP tool kit that I found in the CyanogenMod repository on Github. The problem with this tool kit is still the same, there is only reading component and not a writing component.  I found some other classes in […]