Work on Release 0.2

Working with the extension template from the previous post a lot of things needed to be changed for it to be somewhat official.  The template itself was very well made and had good comments, but since I had never worked with Firefox extension development before, I had to […]

Release 0.1

This release mostly involves setup and understanding of the Firefox extension creation.  I used the template  of development tool add-on that’s provided by Victor Porof. Getting the System Setup I am using a virtual machine (VM) as a development environment for the project.  The VM contains Lubuntu, a […]

Mozilla Projects I Might Work On

HTML Bleaching in JavaScript This would be an interesting and useful project to be a part of since I would use this myself.  As far as I know, this project aims to take malicious script code out of HTML5 using JavaScript only.   Searching around the web I wasn’t […]

Impressions of GPL and Skype licences

3 Things that struck me about Skype license: Section 11.3 which stated that an account can be terminated if its inactive for over a year Section 11.4 which states that in case of account termination you have to destroy all copies you have and uninstall the software from […]