Work on Release 0.2

Working with the extension template from the previous post a lot of things needed to be changed for it to be somewhat official.  The template itself was very well made and had good comments, but since I had never worked with Firefox extension development before, I had to look into the various files and try multiple times to change the appropriate files.

The files needed to be changed so that the extension had a different name and had relevant other properties and still be able to build successfully.   I changed the MAKE file so the extension built correctly with the new name.  After successfully building the extension and installing it, the extension still had the old text as the extensions name and the tool-tip text was still not the one that I set.  So searching around in the file system, inside the locale and en-US folder there was a file named  which I changed to reflect the name change of the extension.  However, the extension was not installed properly and after much searching in the projects file system I found the file called bootstrap.js needed to be changed for the changed in to take effect.  After the change the extension built successfully and displayed the changes after installation.

The next step is to integrate it with the MakeAPI.  So the extension can connect to and publish the changes made to the DOM can be published to webmaker.

Mohamed Baig

Mohamed Baig

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